Increased maize production as a result of the GAP training

COAMANYA Gishubi Cooperative in Gisagara District, Gishubi Sector, has around 500 farmers growing maize on 100ha. Niyitegeka Venuste,

one of COAMANYA Gishubi’s members, confirms to have increased maize production from less than one metric ton to 5 metric tons per hectare due to Good Agriculture Practices/ GAP adoption. “It is almost one year since we started being trained on Good Agriculture Practices/ GAP by the Farm to Market Alliance-FtMA project agronomists,” he said. Farmers in COAMANYA GISHUBI Cooperative used to practice traditional agriculture. He added that they did not know how to prepare their lands, use improved seeds, fertilizers and pesticides.

Niyitegeka regrets he wasted time and energy in practicing traditional agriculture. “We couldn’t satisfy our basic need for food; we were always facing food shortage and malnutrition in our families,” he replied and confirmed that they saw their lives changing when they started receiving GAP training. According to Niyitegeka, the land size didn’t change but production has increased from 1 to 5 metric tons per hectare. However, they still need to be trained since there are always new technologies and agricultural skills to discover.

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