Local authorities were the first to demonstrate the Sebeya project ownership

As a result of mobilization meetings, local authorities in Rubavu, Nyabihu, Rutsiro and Ngororero districts were the first to show ownership of the Sebeya project that aims at increasing livelihood and conservation benefits in Sebeya (& other) catchments from restoration & improved natural resources management.

In an interview with the Vice Mayor in charge of Economic Development in Nyabihu district, Mr. Habanabakize Jean Claude, said that protecting Sebeya catchment and restoring its landscape is saving people’s lives. “As local authorities, we are at the forefront of this campaign since it’s our responsibility to take care of our population in terms of getting improved welfare and economic growth. Many of the community members are employed by the project Landscape Restoration hence increasing their revenues”, he added.

The Vice-mayor regretted that every rainy season, people and domestic animals died, several hectares of farmers’ crops were destroyed due to Sebeya flooding. “We will celebrate when this project is successfully completed. Thus, ownership of the project interventions is the assurance of better life to the population in Sebeya catchment”, he joyfully explained.

An agronomist of Kanama Sector in Rubavu district expressed that it is the role of local authorities to mobilize the community members and then to encourage them to sustain the project realizations.

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